My Andela Experience — Day 3

I code all day and in my dreams i see myself thinking about codes. This is pretty much how my day has been since the bootcamp has begun.

It has been very challenging but i have loved every minute of it.

You get to learn in days what others would learn in years. Everything is fast paced. It really is the “survival of the fittest”.

Python really gives you wings. I never got to appreciate this fact until i started writing twice as much code in Javascript as i would have done in python.

What i find amazing is that they encourage collaboration. You can get to seek feedback from others when you get stuck. Also you have a TA to guide you when you are getting lost.

Today, i started writing Object Oriented Javascript. I have worked with other languages that supports OOP but javascript is prototype based with no classes. Had to learn in a day while simultaneously solving a problem.

That moment when you think you have gotten a hang of it and feel your code is perfect. You run it and you get an error message that you haven’t passed all the tests. Sometimes i wonder if this tests were deliberately written to make sure you don’t pass lol.

It has been really challenging and fun.

Happiness is truly coding all day.