MINERVA — The world’s first reverse processor

Built on the smart contract of Ethereum Blockchain, Minerva aims to provide incentives on platforms approved to adopt its crypto as a new payment method. Incentivization is achieved by rewarding this approved platform with a newly printed OWL token. This token is generated at the variable rate when the currency is used.

Today’s digital currency has serious problems. They are rarely used as currency. The problem is coupled with excessive short-run price swings that create huge risks for many companies to accept crypto currency

We envision a world in which smart contracts help overcome the problem of excessive price changes, changing the way business approaches crypto. By bridging the gap between business and customers, we hope to help bring the mainstream of digital currencies.

What’s Minerva?

MINERVA (OWL) is a crypto and platform that provides additional revenue streams to merchants who accept their tokens as a payment method. We strive to show less tough short-term fluctuations through Proof-of-Transaction and introduce incentive payment solutions to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts in the mainstream.

What Makes Minerva Different From Bitcoin?

The main difference between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward platforms that receive its OWL tokens with reverse transaction costs, and also respond to major mainstream crypto-application challenges. Minerva is the platform and its OWL tokens are the currency. In addition to being a cryptocurrency, we are the world’s first reverse merchant processor.


Innovation Platform

Minerva provides a generous reward system for businesses that accept it as payment. Upon receiving Minerva OWL tokens, every business is given a bonus that resembles a cash back incentive of a credit card. When Minerva OWL tokens are received from their customers, they are automatically liquidated.

  1. Instant liquidity via API from Minerva relevant trade exchanges
  2. Removal of chargebacks and exchange fees
  3. Additional protection from harsh short-term price fluctuations
  4. Reverse transaction fees We pay them, not vice versa

Risk Mitigation

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, said, “There will then be several separate cryptoasset classes: stable assets for trade, speculative assets for investment, and Bitcoin itself may serve as Schelling’s unique point for universal fallback assets, similar to current gold functions and historical.” While Bitcoin itself is not a unique Schelling point, our goal is to make OWL a relatively stable crypto that allows businesses to make a profit by simply accepting it as a method of payment.

The award system is designed so that Minerva OWL tokens enter the economy at varying rates, making an effort to ensure that demand does not cause short-term price swings. As indicated below with our first and direct use cases, we will integrate it with a large company when it launches, and future businesses requesting integration will require strict security checks, including anti-money laundering and anti-fraud audits . .

Speculation, exchange fraud, drug markets and general negative publicity from crypto in crucial will all have little impact on our partner platform. Minerva tokens have utilities beyond speculative values as they represent a valid value objective between platform and customer, as well as agents, contractors, vendors, creators and more.

Benefits For Users

When customers pay using Minerva OWL tokens, businesses have more flexibility to offer them a discount. This is because, rather than paying a transaction fee, the Minerva platform is a bonus OWL tokens at the time of each approved transaction. Users can purchase OWL tokens from the exchange or market where they are traded, transfer them to one of the wallets that are compatible with ERC20 and spend it on the Minerva platform.

Bid Token

There is also a token public offering. You can support this project and thus allow development and in turn earn tokens, and therefore participate in the revolution. The token offer will include 75,000 OWL tokens through two sales stages. Before selling and selling. The date is not yet published, but it will be published soon. You can participate in the token offer at the following link: https://minerva.com/#crowdsale

Basic Information

Early adopter participation takes place through a crowded dashboard that can be accessed through Minerva.com. A total of 75,000,000 of the original 100,000,000 Minerva OWL token tokens will be distributed in two crowds. A pre-sale is followed by a major Minerva crowd, and each is accessible to parties outside the United States.

The crowd will be held in auction format because minerva is distributed will be rewarded with the amount of donations received, and then distributed accordingly. 25.000.000 Minerva will be excluded from the crowd that is described under the “Reserve Minerva” section. After 100,000,000 initial OWL tokens are created, the creation of a new token, in addition to bonuses associated with the platform utility, will be terminated permanently. Within 1 year (365 days) of crowdsale, an announcement will be made about the potential exchange of 1: 1 tokens related to the proposed blockchain migration.


Website: https://minerva.com/ 
Whitepaper: https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ minervatoken 
Telegram: https://t.me/minervachat 
Bitcointalk ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072362.0

My Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1123551

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