5 Great Outdoorsy Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party you throw for your best friend or sister should reflect her interests and preferences. A wild weekend filled with penis straws, dancing, and alcohol doesn’t appeal to every bride-to-be.

For more outdoor-oriented women, an event at the beach or up in the mountains may be the perfect way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. As you plan the bachelorette party for your loved one, consider the following outdoorsy party ideas.


Glamping-style camping is all the rage for bachelorette parties these days. Glamping.com makes it simple and stress-free to find a great camping site for your crew. From tents to teepees, there is a wide range of lodging options available with even more activities once you’ve arrived. Airbnb also features a generous selection of beautiful glamping spots. Create a few special touches for the event, such as string lights for the tents or reserved name tags for the sleeping bag spots.


A bachelorette party is a great excuse to take a favorite hike again or explore a new area. The views offer numerous opportunities for group pictures, and you’ll enjoy working up a sweat to get in shape before the big day. Recruit a stranger or two along the route to take pictures, so you have a couple of shots with everyone. Afterward, cool off with a swim or build a bonfire and spend the evening roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and telling scary stories.


A ski weekend offers the ideal combination of outdoor fun and indoor relaxation and is a novel bachelorette party idea. Hit the slopes and soak up the sun in the morning, and then enjoy spiked hot chocolate, party games, and wedding-themed movies in the afternoon. Think about renting your own cabin, so you’ll have lots of room to spread out without worrying about disturbing other skiers if the event gets rowdy. Plan flannel-themed outfits or design custom sweatshirts or hats for the group.


A long, scenic bike ride provides natural entertainment for the party. You’ll enjoy beautiful scenery while getting exercise and spending time together. Choose a winding route that’s long enough to be enjoyable but not so strenuous that you’ll be leaving some of the group in the dust. If you live in an urban area and want to stay local for the shower, plan a ride around town to visit some of the bride-to-be’s favorite spots. Finish the event with a dinner and then maybe a couple of drinks.

Water skiing

Drop everything, and head to the beach for the weekend with the bride-to-be. An afternoon of water skiing is a fitting option for an outdoors bride-to-be. If water skiing isn’t her sport of choice, line up canoeing, kayaking, or snorkeling. After a round of water sports, take a leisurely boat ride, complete with girly drinks, of course. When you’re ready for a break from the sun, relax at a waterside restaurant where you can sit in the shade and still enjoy the gorgeous lake or ocean views.

If you’re on the fence about the best outdoorsy bachelorette party plan for the bride, talk to her or consult with the other members of the wedding party. You don’t want to plan an expensive weekend trip the wedding party won’t really enjoy. There will still be plenty of ways to surprise the bride-to-be even if she knows where she’ll be going for the event.