My memory is absolutely awful. For a human that consumes a vast amount of cultural content, very little actually makes it into long term memory and gets recalled. This leads me to 2 conclusions:

  1. We’re living in a time where we willingly pile an avalanche of content on ourselves, and the good bits can get lost or forgotten.
  2. I need to get better at documenting stuff.

The combination of the above points leads me here; I feel inclined to document the good stuff as I go, so that it doesn’t get lost in the avalanche.

To be clear, I don’t wish to make this a chronological thing. The release date of any given thing has no real bearing on its quality, and I want this blog to be a documentation of quality, not relevance. Striving to find relevance is boring. Striving to find quality is not, and I greatly enjoy it. Further, websites that churn out content on a daily basis may review adequate things by obligation; i’m only going to write about stuff that I think qualifies.

In short… hopefully you will find some quality here, even if you don’t find quantity.

To that end, I may write a 2016 post-mortem at some point, but I also may not. How many times do you need to read that Blonde was the best album of 2016?

(It was.)

To start with, i’m going to write about the song that honestly made me think about writing this blog in the first place. A song which is too good to get lost in the Avalanche…


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