Don't underestimate me

No one is born great at everything… I believe running is a great example for life… No on is born a great runner and no one becomes a perfect runner; the true beauty behind running is not finishing, it is starting… Because there are no shortcuts, no one gifts you endurance, we earn every kilometer or mile we run. The first place is cheered on just as much as the last… Because both accomplished their goal; the first knows what it felt to start out at the bottom and the last knows being first is a matter of effort, patience and drive.

My grandma had no mother, my dad had a dirt floored house, my mom was “too short” to play voleibol, my grandpa did not finish school… Everyone has a story that they can use as an excuse or surpass as a push to their life. My grandpa used to tell me that the “cheat” to negativity is to wire your brain to leave bad days behind and yearn for the best of days that are still to come… And today, this present you are feeling right now is a decision, positive to appreciate or negative to learn from.

I have my story, my excuses, my dark negative days, and just like you obstacles that to me feel like the world is on my shoulders. Moments that make you loose a grip on perspective. The picture of this entry is one of my favorite relay races me and my uncle ran: marathon relay (42kms between the 2 of us). One of the best feelings is when someone you truly care for shows you all their support without asking for anything in exchange just because of the fact that he or she believes in you. I have told you guys my dreams, my plans, my goals, my heroes… And yet here we still stand waiting to see what is next. It is time to stand and prove that whatever comes next can and will be influenced by the amazing positive energy you put out.

Do not underestimate my drive. Do not underestimate my bad, sad and down days… for they are not what holds me back. For they are the ones that make my ego shine and want to prove EVERYONE wrong. Do not underestimate my good and great days, for they are the ones that will prove me right, will bring the revenues I deserve… No, that is not being selfish, that is me being proactively aware of the long road ahead. Get ready for me to continue the family legacy of breaking the mold, not sticking to the plan and acknowledging the success after it has happened.