It'’ the simple things

It is hard to open up, to become vulnerable and honest to people you do not necessarily know. It is complicated to write out thoughts in a day and age where information and entertainment have become SO big that people are very picky about who and what outlets they trust. Writing, blogging, reviewing and even pushing content on a regular basis is something that people wonder about doing and often do not give themselves the opportunity to do so.

I started to write out my thoughts as a kid when I was angry or sad or in love (yeah, I know, laugh all you want). I would sit down, open a word document, write out at least a page and a half to three pages, read the whole thing and delete it. One of the BIG differences between my dad and my mom is the way they would look at my grades in school: one would look at the grade and ask me why I thought I got that grade, while the other would read my essays and ask me about why I chose to write about those topics and not others. Both worked because with my dad I learned that there is a system out there through which I have to go through to get to the things that I want in life, the more I understand the system the better I get at knowing how to use it in my favor; and with my mom I learned that if you’re passionate enough about something, people will understand and support you to the point of helping you connect what you love with what you want to accomplish.

I fell in love with technology and Apple since I saw the first iMac at a friends house. It was too colorful and simple to use that I actually wanted to write more, read more and play more, as long as it was on my friend’s computer. Then I got my first iPod and that REALLY made me want to learn about this brand that constantly would care more about breaking the mold than about playing it safe. By the time I got to my first iPhone I was all in and everyday investigated more about Steve Jobs, Wozniak, Johnny Ive and the road to being the best and not the first for Apple.

Running I have told you guys about how it is a therapy, a meditation even. And for that reason alone I find so much happiness in training and races. In training I think about plans I have or want to have for myself, while in races I think about the moment, the kilometer I am in, how I am feeling, how my breathing is going, and more. Similar to my passion for soccer, most of the times I race 10K or 21K races, I find myself appreciating the moment, the present at hand and whatever is happening has me SO focused that people do not have to know me to realize how much I care about running and soccer.

Lets see if you caught it, did you get the simple small things? Do you realize that behind every passion we have it all comes down to what makes us happy, excited, surprised, enthusiastic or motivated?

Find your simple things and use them to push you through the hard days and make the good days great. For me running is about health, soccer is about passion, apple is about dreaming and writing is about feeling…

And today I feel like telling whoever is out there reading this: it’s ok to be scared about what you want to do, about changing, moving, getting out of your comfort zone… Just learn to not over-think things.

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