Pay it forward

I have had a PACKED week and wanted to let you guys know that it ALL comes back around. You have to learn to stop and take a minute to breathe. Stop and take less things for granted. Very few people stop throughout their week to see where they’re at, and I’m not asking for an hour, just 5 minutes are enough. If you have the time to read this I want you to realize you have time to smile, to breathe and think about the people who put you in hard times, left you in hard times and helped you in hard times, because the more maturity you accomplish the more selective you become of the people you surround yourself.

I know sometimes we all just want the universe to cash us back on our efforts. To just hear a doorbell ring and answer the call of someone waiting outside with a huge prize as if we got lucky and got gifts and prizes from the Ellen show or something like that. Yeah, I wish so too. That is one of the reasons for which I love the movie after which this entry is named. The best payback life gives often is not even tangible or visible to US. I believe if you make a large enough effort in life, if you truly pull off a majestic-impressive-(and all the other great adjectives there are)-LIFE then your children and grandchildren will get the reward for the great life you led. No, Ellen or Oprah are probably not the ones who will reward your children and grandchildren, and even if they were, your kids will realize that somehow, somewhat it has to do with all that you did for them.

I heard this great idea once, they asked someone what they wanted the most in life.

“A huge funeral” — he said — “I want to have a huge line of people coming out of the church where I am being eulogized”

I thought about that and realized I want that too. Not in a sad way of course; let me explain myself:

My mom has always warned me since I was a young kid “when I die you HAVE to be happy”

“Are you CRAZY mom?!” — shouted an 8 year old me at my mom — “why would I be anything but sad to lose my mom?!”

My mom proceeded to explain how she believes no one leaves Too Soon. Everyone dies when they have to, not before or after. So when I finally get to her funeral I should be happy that she got to share her life with as many as she could and hopefully on the way impact their life “specially yours” — she smiled.

It has been many birthdays ever since that day and every year she reminds me with a simple question: “what will you do if I die?”

“I will miss you and be happy” — is what I always reply.

If you have seen the movie you now understand why I named this entry like this, if you have not seen the movie you should still watch it so that you get my full point. I believe we have been taught that funerals are all bad news, that death is just the opposite of life and not a very significant part of it. I hope to help people all throughout my life, I hope to train my ego to NEVER expect anything in exchange for my help more than their happiness, and when my kids grow up, when they decide to have kids themselves they will sit them down and tell them stories about how weird their dad was and how much great results have continued to pour in through the door years and decades after his death.

By the time you have read this far you should have taken in a number of breaths, you have blinked another large amount of times, and hopefully by now you will have smiled at least once. Know that whoever you help will create a link of people that they will have helped and so on… So, eventually, when you have helped enough people selflessly the chain of people that have been directly and indirectly helped by you will reach back at you and your loved ones. Some people need money, some food, some a hug, some a good advice, some need coffee, the list is endless of what you can do within your busy day. And getting back to my consistent message: helping will also give you Perspective.

Have a great week.

P.S. If you have been wondering I will be covering the Google Pixel event this upcoming month of October.

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