Bringing Real Time Live Anonymous Polls to Moodle

In times when remote learning is a need for instructors and learners alike, tools which can adapt to these circumstances are in high demand.

In Open LMS, we strive to build and adopt the best technologies available for Moodle and for the web.

We also ask ourselves, What would be a really cool thing for Instructors and Learners to have? In today’s world, What are users more familiar with? What can be an engaging activity?

We went into the midst of real-time databases with Firebase and looked into an anonymous activity which could reflect user interactions in real time. Users who are already collaborating using video conferencing tools could benefit from real time activities as well.

So we developed the Live poll activity:

Live poll is an activity which integrates Firebase with Moodle so that Instructors can have a live updating poll with their students

Imagine this — Real-time lecture validation

An instructor logs into a video conferencing tool for a lecture. They have already created a live poll in Moodle and will be using it to review how their lecture is going

Live poll view from the Instructor perspective, they can vote too if they have the capability.

Students attend the virtual lecture and in the middle of the lecture, the instructor shares the link to the livepoll activity, no need to share the screen, the activity is updated live on everyone’s Moodle page. Students can start interacting with the live poll immediately without reloading the page and they will see everyone else interacting with it.

The following videos depict several users (first 3 windows on the left) and the instructor (last window on the right) interacting with the live poll. What you see is me (😃) clicking like I’m all students. As you can see votes and the chart are updated live for everyone participating

Instructors can also highlight the correct or expected answer and close voting in the poll so students also get live feedback from the instructor.

We can argue that, since students are also seeing other students’ votes, they will be biased towards their potential selection (You can leave comments here so we add a “hidden” vote feature or ask for this on the plugin’s bug tracker).

Real-time interactions and customizable activities

We have shared with you a small piece into what we have developed as a research project and how you can take advantage of free and powerful cloud technologies as Firebase and Moodle to create rich and interactive content

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