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For the sake of clarity, and a more interconnected vibe on my website, I feel the need to just touch base with y’all and let you know just what exactly is going on with this Magic Williams persona.

As do most college stories, this one starts off at a party. Some girl keeps bumping into me, but I’m not really feeling her. She asks me what my name is, I say “Magic… Magic Williams”. Just like that, the Magic Williams persona was born. At first, I intended on this just being my alternate party ego, but over the last few weeks the notion of partying just seems a bit worn out.

Now on another note, living in Willard Residential College this year was a prudent decision, simply because it opened a new world of opportunity up to me. I had the chance to meet some new homies who are heavily into music. In addition to running their show, Dial Up, on our school’s radio station, WNUR, they have branched into a couple new areas. Most of the shows on campus just show up weekly or biweekly, play music, and go home. These dudes have gone on to start promoting their show like no other, doing the radio show, stickers, clothing, a website, and a bunch of other stuff. The juice on campus associated with “Dial Up” is stupid magnanimous, bruh.

Now I didn’t know any of this, but I progressively just started hanging out with David, Andrew, and AJ just because they were cool people. Over time, they showed me how to DJ, and I’m starting to get nice at it, if I do say so myself. I ended up switching my minor from Economics to Music Technology, spending hours on end trying new things with the mixing board that Dial Up has (thanks to head honcho David living in my dorm), and actually scouring Soundcloud for new and underground music.

Eventually, it only made sense to take this Magic Williams identity and smack it onto the musical side of me, so I DJ under that name and just plan on doing a whole bunch more under that ID, be it singing, rapping, producing, graphic design, whatever. I’m just using that identity as my creative outlet. It’s time to be a bit more expressive.

So, follow the boy on Soundcloud, listen to some mixes, and lemme know what you think.


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