How To Get To The Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora

When I was researching my trip to the Sedlec Ossuary, there was conflicting information on various forums about how to actually get to Kutná Hora and the Ossuary itself. Also, on Google Maps, there were a number of different train stations shown so I was confused about which one to get off at. So here I will tell you how I got there from Prague.

I went by train and the train leaves from Prague Main Train Station (In Czech “Praha Hlavni Nadrazi” abbreviated to “Praha hl.n.”). I believe there may be commuter trains to Kutná Hora but I took a regional train that had the ultimate destination of Brno. In the station ticket office you can find schedule booklets and the one titled “D09 Praha <-> Brno” will list the times. When I was visiting, the morning trains to Brno departed at 05:59, 07:59, 09:59 and 11:59.

When you buy a ticket to Kutná Hora, you will be getting a ticket to Kutná Hora Město which is Kutná Hora city. A return ticket for two people cost CZK 342 (about US $17).

To get to Kutná Hora Město, you would normally take the D09 train to Kutná Hora Hlavni Nadrazi (Kutná Hora hl.n.) and then transfer to a small two carriage train to take you into Kutná Hora Město.

However, when visiting the Ossuary, it is better to get off the D09 regional train at Kutná Hora hl.n. and then walk to the Ossuary. The walk is about 1.2 km so should take only about 15 minutes.

As you can see in the map, there is also a station called Kutná Hora Sedlec. This station is served by the two carriage train between Kutná Hora Město and Kutná Hora hl.n. and is little more than a bus stop. You are better off just walking from Kutná Hora hl.n.

After visiting the Ossuary, it is worth going to Kutná Hora to see the sights there and get something to eat. If you don’t feel like walking, outside the Ossuary there will be a mini van (with “Tourist Bus” written on the side) that takes people from the Ossuary into the center of Kutná Hora. It costs CZK 35 (about US $1.80) and it leaves whenever there are at least 3 passengers.

If you do decide to walk, the distance is about 2.5 KM and this uninteresting walk will take about 30 minutes. Just follow the signs to “Centrum”.

When leaving Kutná Hora to go back to Prague, I went to Kutná Hora Město station near the historic center of the town and took the small two carriage train to Kutná Hora hl.n. where I then waited for the train from Brno to take me back to Prague.

The train that runs between Kutná Hora Město and Kutná Hora hl.n.

The day I visited, the train from Kutná Hora Město left at 15 minutes and 45 minutes after the hour with the latter one arriving in time to meet the regional train to Prague. That afternoon trains to Prague departed at 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 21:00.

If you have any other tips for getting to the Sedlec Ossuary, please leave them in the comments.

Originally published at on August 20, 2013.