How To Clean A Lobster Well Before Putting It In A Delicious Recipe?

Lobster is a highly packed protein food and has been a high preference of health freaks. It can really be helpful in reduction of cardiovascular diseases. However, its meat flavor and texture is something that makes people crazy about lobsters. It is considered as a delicacy in most places. If you plan to cook one, this write up will definitely help you do it in a right way. So, after you have purchased a lobster, you will get a closer look at its antennae sticking out and trying to reach out of you, rubber banded claws, and its little beady eyes that try to tell you please do not eat me. You can now finally have answer to the most pertinent question — How to Clean Lobster tail.

So, despite the lobster pleads not to eat it you would be tempted to turn it into a cooking masterpiece. Patience is a virtue when you wish to devour it, sometimes, impatience can lead to an unpleasant dish. It is very important to clean the lobster before you start with cooking. So, yes, now we also learn how to clean Lobster Tail. So, in order to clean the lobster you will have to kill the lobster before so that it is simpler to deal with, this way you wouldn’t be torturing the animal anymore by pulling it apart to death. One of the most efficient way to kill it without any pain is with a sharp blow with a knife point between its eyes. But even if it kills the lobster instantly but you may see movement or muscle spasms for some times. Once it is done, you can start by removing rubber bands from its claws.

In case, you have a spare latex gloves pack please use those. It starts by removing its tail. Just grab the body in a hand firmly and pull the tail slowly by giving it a gentle twist. Twist the tail on one side slightly less than a complete turn and rotate the tail in opposite direction till you feel it disconnected from the body. You should also try to remove the digestive tract to get rid of lobster poop. Break off one of its antennae and then fold it into half. You can stick the wider side of antenna up into the anal cavity of lobster that is deveining of lobster. It is very much like deveining of shrimp. It will slowly push out most part of digestive tract. Repeat it 2–3 times for complete cleaning. Ensure that you do not keep rinsing the tail for thorough cleaning, but clean the areas to get rid of harmful bacteria.

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