A Journey

Let’s not talk about this game for now. Let’s talk about games in general. You know what I mean, those games where they don’t have to be a triple A platform to be uniquely good and beautiful.

At some point in our lives everyone will have played a game they would have really enjoyed. Either through a mobile or on a console, through a tablet or on a PC, games are something to be enjoyed. Growing up I was bound to Mario, the old 2d version and believe me when I say that I could not stop playing it. From breaking bricks, to throwing flames, I was completely immersed. I’m sure you have had that experience, haven’t you?

This is what we miss in today’s generation. Everybody complains about how bad it looks and how it doesn’t have a lot of frames per second, but we miss the art in gaming. Nowadays when we mention games we think of something that resembles reality. Open worlds, tonnes of customisation and the graphics of pure beauty. All while running completely smooth for the best experience.

Now I will talk about Journey.

If anybody has played it then you need not have an explanation to know how simply amazing it is. But for those who haven’t heard of it or haven’t had the chance to play, I will explain.

This is the type of game we need more often. Here’s why. The game is short and sweet, you start the game with a simple objective and you merely head to that objective while relaxing on your bed or sofa and enjoying the beautiful vistas it gently expresses. There are very few buttons to press which makes it simple for anybody to enjoy and you can never get confused.

To when multiplayer kicks in and believe me when I say it connects so fluidly that it still impresses me to this day, that your companion who you have no idea who they are, gradually becomes your best friend while playing. They are patient and understanding while you give the same approach, yet you can’t talk to each other, only sing.

By this point as you travel on towards your goal with your best friend, enjoying the views and relaxation, you are accompanied by the soundtrack that is soothing to your soul. To when you reach the end you cannot express words of what you just experienced.

This is what games need to become.

Thank you Journey and thank you to whoever accompanied me through my Journey.