An interesting part of you which most of the time, operates subconsciously.

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You’re all alone. No smartphones, no laptops, no books; no distractions.

As a consequence, your thoughts are focused on you. The pure you; the current version of self.

You’re with people. The focus is placed on everything around you; there’s no time for your troubles.

That state is an escape route. Infinite wisdom can be grasped from that part of you.

Why The Not-Alone Time Feels Great

You meet your friends. The stories are intertwined; the positivity is spread around; the minds are connected.

There’s no space for your pain.

There’s no time for negative thoughts.

Focus from your current version of self is shifted. Your…

Meet the non-present mindset

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For some of us, this situation might be hard. We want things back to normal really hard.

We don’t like what’s going on around us and praise the time when we could live without the masks. We act like our fulfillment is completely dependant on the pre-pandemic life.

But just to remind you — you had many issues in that time too, right? You had all the opportunities of this world; yet, you waited for something else.

Present was rarely a great option. You wanted just the future. And when that future arrived; well, you wanted the new future.


It’s not because you don’t earn enough

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Money is one of the most controversial topics on this planet. It occupies almost anyone’s mind; doesn’t matter if the one’s relationship with it is good or bad.

You can have any opinions you want — but, unless you live in a cave, completely distanced from the modern world, you will need money.

It’s the fuel of humanity; the reason we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone; do the work we hate; destroy everything. Its energy is extremely powerful, whether we want to admit that or not.

The most important question is — how can we…

If you decide to believe so

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There are two main ways of living a life. In the first one, you believe life is beautiful; the universe is friendly; you are important.

In the second one, you feel like a victim. You believe you’re unlucky and expect terrible things in the future.

Whatever you think — it’s true. Small mindset changes can have a huge impact on our lives; this is one of them.

Why Is This True?

Even though this might sound tiny and insignificant, if we dig deeper, we will find enormous potential.

Think about one positive thing in your life; something you’re truly proud of.

That achievement didn’t…

There’s always something to learn

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Worries, anger, fear, anxiety. When people encounter those emotions, they tend to run away; hide in the realms of positivity where worries don’t exist.

The truth is — we can never find that place by running away. Our negative mental habits are waiting for us — and they are stronger than ever.

The negative thoughts and emotions appear for a reason, giving us the opportunity to understand them and take real action.

But what do we need to learn from that negativity?

Why Running Away Doesn’t Work

Your negative emotions exist because you’ve been forming them for weeks, months, and years; both consciously and unconsciously.

Focusing on uncontrollable things

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Can you remember one time when you were speaking to someone, and then the conversation became reckless? You were so disturbed by their words that you say things you don’t even mean. A struck of negative emotions were flooding all over your body.

The longer the conversation was, the longer you felt the after-effects. Does that happen often? Do you leave your home every day — uncertain what will your day look like, and how will you react?

Our Rights To Freedom Of Expression

Since the moment you were born, you’ve been grasping knowledge from different corners of your environment. …

Awareness is the secret

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Stoicism is a wonderful philosophy that can explain day-to-day situations; give us understanding, out of which we gain the power. It all sounds so logical when reading the wisdom, but it can often happen that you don’t know how to apply it to your own life.

Reading is just the first part — the other is the practice. In this article, we will focus on the latter; putting you on a road to mastery.

Becoming An Expert

If you want to become great at anything, you need to follow the learning and practicing what you’ve learned. Learning without practicing is just entertainment; it…

Their impact on your life is massive

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Ah, our beliefs. We’ll do anything to defend them. An attack on them just makes them stronger. We won’t drop them. They will drive our arguments, decide our biggest decisions, guide us through life.

Do we ever consider they might be toxic? If we aren’t fulfilled and they led us to that state, why will we defend them so much? It’s never-ending toxicity; a state of negativity and doubt.

What Is A Belief Anyway?

Beliefs are our core values. They will generate the ideas and thoughts we have; finally leading to the actions. Stacked positive actions over time will bring us positive results. …

Nobody talks about it

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I started to meditate a year and a half ago.

I’ve read a lot about it before starting. Most of my assumptions were wrong. There’s no real explanation until you start the endless exploration of the mind.

All of the content claimed meditations are purely beneficial; I’ll feel better, my anxiety will vanish, I’ll focus better. Seems perfect, right?

It has a bit of truth in it, but in general, it’s taken out of context. You can’t get rid of your negative side by magic; without looking at it straight in the eyes.

After reading this article, you’ll realize that…

To change your life

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Remarkable wisdom is available at our fingertips.

By clicking on a single button, we can be exposed to the most valuable information collected throughout the history of humankind. The application of that knowledge to our lives has the potential to completely transform it.

But will it? Will you even recognize the potential, or just scroll through it like it’s something meaningless?

The greatest minds of this planet have a lot to offer. To adopt it, we have to focus on one thing at a time — otherwise, we’ll master none of them.

Recognize the Possibilities

Your mindset is what means the most. If…

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