That time I got robbed that taught me a huge lesson

I've always been hesitant to share this story, but something I saw on reddit today prompted me to do it. Is a nice experience and maybe you can see something on it.

One day I was walking back home, I was pretty drunk after maybe 15 hours of drinking and doing coke, (I got kicked out of the party for abusing the coke), is like almost midnight and somebody asks me what time is it?

I turn around and say is like 11:30; that was my first mistake, I shouldn't have engaged, Bogota is a pretty dangerous city and anywhere you are there’s a risks to get assaulted.

This guy walks towards me and I notice that he has a swiss knife on his hand and is coming towards me, so I grab his wrist and I start talking to him, (I learned krav maga in the army when I was living in Israel), I tell him like hey wtf, this is a pretty transited street and an area uncommon for robbery, there is even a police station a couple blocks from there.

This guy, god, gets all super moody and sad and starts telling me his story, this is the first time he’s doing this, he has no idea what he is doing but he’s really desperate because he’s been out of work for like three months. I kinda don't care but my brain is too gone to understand what’s going on. I start walking and we're talking, I offered him a cigarette and I almost invited him to get a beer, glad I didn't I guess.

Well we're approaching said police station so I tell him to go or I would tell the officers coz I'm not comfortable with him around me, he asks me for any spare change at least, that’s when I noticed that this guy was 500 feet tall and from the paleolithic era so I gave him my last tree fiddy.