Chicago Homeowners Can Now Go Solar for Cheaper

Dvinci Energy Brings the Most Cutting-edge Technology, in the Quickest Time Possible, at the Lowest Cost Possible

CHICAGO, IL (November 7 , 2018) — The nation’s fastest growing clean energy provider, Dvinci Energy, has chosen Chicago as its latest expansion market to bring its cutting-edge solar technology to homeowners. Already, Chicago is recognized as a national leader for harnessing solar power, and Dvinci wants to take it to the next level.

Chicago’s office, located on N. Green Street, will be run by Haydn Flores as District Manager along with Michael Sluja, as the Assistant District Manager. Flores has a wealth of experience
having just come from the Charlotte expansion where Dvinci and solar have taken off.

Flores says that Dvinci’s business model empowers “anyone to go solar anywhere, with the most cutting-edge technology, in the quickest time possible, at the lowest cost possible, while maintaining the most customer-centric experience.”

According to the Solar Energies Industry Association, the solar industry for the next five years looks bright for Illinois with the state expected to create more than 2,000 megawatts of solar capacity by 2023. That is the tenth highest projection of all states nationwide.

Illinois now ranks thirty-third in the nation for its solar capacity and Dvinci plans to leverage that capacity to benefit homeowners. transforming an already eco-conscious city into a national leader.

The technology company with a focus on solar, claims to “bring a value-add approach that allows it to provide high-quality service to clients that’s faster, simpler and more friendly than they have ever experienced before.”

The company, co-founded by the twenty-three-year-old upstart, has made waves since entering the solar market. It is founded on the principle, “To move the world towards its full potential, so we can do more. Through sustainable & cutting-edge technology, [Dvinci’s] mission is “to give
more life.”

“Everything about Chicago is aligned perfectly with our mission to stay cutting edge while continuing to set the standard for customer experience,” said Flores.

Competitors are often tied to one manufacturer and one way of doing things, by trying to control it all. Dvinci has seen that all the vertical integration binds companies to their operational capabilities. On the contrary, Dvinci has access to every solar technology available in the market due to their “platform” business model.”

Traditionally, a customer opts in for solar via a loan, or lease package. Typically, this requires no upfront payment and replaces your electric bill with a lower monthly payment. The concept is ideal for most homeowners, and once the numbers prove to make sense, most people make the decision to go solar. However, most companies have struggled to keep customers excited and
engaged from the time they agree to go solar and the time the solar actually gets installed; a 6–8 week process.

About Dvinci Energy

Dvinci blends the best, most cutting-edge technologies with strong financial backing to deliver the lowest cost. All with the most reputable local developers for the fastest installation. This all stems from the principle of providing the most customer-centric experience.

Our business model stimulates behavioral change on a local level through our human touch approach. Dvinci believes to be in the business of changing the way our customers think about their lives and how to live them. They are In the business of changing minds — which has a direct link to changing their behavior, which has a profound impact on the community and ultimately the environment, visit for more information.

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