Everything you need to perform at your peak levels from supplements to organization.

I’ve been a developer in NYC for 4 years now and you can bet that in the city that never sleeps optimizing output is key. It’s a fast paced and energetic tech hub which is why the best of the best come here — however, this causes a high competition gap from a lot of other geographical areas and cities. Because of that, I’ve picked up a few tricks for bringing your A-game day in and day out.

The “Stack” (MPS — Mental Programming Stack)

  • Morning Routine
  • Organization
  • Supplements
  • Conditioning

Morning Routine

A good morning routine…

I used my social media platform to address what I thought was a pretty straight forward topic and here’s what transpired over the next 24hrs.

Myself and My Platform

I have the largest developer account on Instagram where the focal point is a single human and not a group/collective, memes, or reposts ( see: dvlp.r ).

I post images of my laptop, code, projects I’m working on, myself, microprocessors, books I’m reading, articles I find useful/interesting, talking about life as a dev, the hustle and grit it takes to actually keep up with such a quickly evolving industry, being kind to others and true…

I was dating another developer and this is how I tried to win/take her back after a heated debate and me leaving — using github and Ryan Gosling gifs.

Deploy and reroute traffic from your purchased domain name to your Rails app on a self-hosted EC2 server utilizing GitHub


NYC-based full stack developer. ✌🏻

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