How to get more followers on Twitch

So, you started streaming on Twitch and now you want more followers? Here are a few tips on how to get more.

1. Pay attention to your chat

Always make sure to pay attention to what you viewers are saying in chat. If someone says hi, make sure to respond! Try to think of every viewer as a connection, it’ll keep them coming back and encourage them to invite their friends too.

2. Use a Notification Service

Notification services like HoneyLedger make it easy for you to get paid for streaming on Twitch and connect with your viewers. When you have 1,000's of viewers sometimes it can be hard to make personal connections with every person in chat. With HoneyLedger your viewers can send a personal message to you while you stream. You can also set up alerts to show when you get new followers or subscribers. Remember to respond to people who tip, follow or subscribe to incentivize others to do so as well.

3. Link to Social Media

Adding social media accounts to your panels on twitch can allow for more of your viewers to connect with you. Adding a link to your Steam account can let your viewers join in on multiplayer games while you are streaming as well.

4. Pick your streaming category

Streamers come in three main categories: eSports, speed runners, and personalities. Make sure you cater your stream to the category that fits you the most.

5. Don’t play the most popular games

If you try to stream League of Legends, Dota 2, or CS:GO you are going up against hundreds of other streamers. If you pick a game that less people are streaming, you will be able to grab the attention of more people. Being second overall in streaming will net you more followers and viewers than being last overall.

6. Get some better gear.

If your mic is hissing, and your video is grainy, your bound to annoy your viewers. Check out this list if you are having trouble finding a high quality microphone and webcam. Another way to find good equiptment is to check out what your favorite streamers are using. People often post their entire set up in their twitch panels.

7. Use Broadcasting Software

Having your webcam on stream, as well as custom overlays can make your stream stand out against the rest. OBS and XSplit are the two most commonly using streaming programs. Here is a good guide on how to use OBS.

8. Set a Streaming Schedule

The easiest way to get your followers to come back to your stream is to set a schedule. Starting your stream with your followers already watching helps boost your position in the directory of the game you choose to stream. Make sure to include your schedule in a panel below your stream.

Remember, the best way to get more followers and viewers on twitch is to be consistent. Stream as much as you can and work on making your stream better every time and followers will come with time. If you are interested in earning money for streaming check out HoneyLedger.

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