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Recap: Halfway through

We can’t believe we are already halfway through RGSoC. It has been a great journey so far and we would love to share a recap with you!

Here are some of the most important points:

RGSoC requires us to define our general workflow, we can decide…

By Diana & Violeta

We were able to attend the great JsCamp Barcelona 2018 thanks to the efforts of the organizer David Pich who gave us last minute tickets! …

By Diana Vile with collaboration of Violeta

We, Violeta and Diana Vilé, are involved in the Rails Girls Summer of Code scholarship as the DV Team since 2nd of July. We met each other in November 2017 during the Udacity Front-end Web Developer (FEND) Nanodegree, for which we both received a full Google scholarship. …

By Violeta

I found out about ADDC a month ago through Women Who Code Barcelona and I applied for a ticket (they have ticket giveaways for women so check it out!). …

DV Team

We are Diana & Violeta, we are two developers enjoying Rails Girls Summer of Code and wrapping up Google Scholarship for Udacity's Front End Program.

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