The Black Larry David

Live on Amazon Prime

The Black Larry David

The subversively funny, enthusiasm curbing web series that adds an urban twist to HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is now a short film appearing on Amazon Prime. Not simply a rehash, we have re-rendered the classic CGI animation while adding original material.

Starring in this production is an outstanding cast of performers who bring their A-Game to this Dwacon® production. The cast members include (in alphabetical order):

Catherine Balavage
Chas Shearer|
Elaine Ballace
Harlan Roberts
Loren Kinsella
Reitanna Seishin
Tamika Simpkins

Our hero meets a “trans-racial” woman who can transform from White to Black to Asian…

Classic routines have been re-animated using more detailed sets, characters and wardrobe. The CGI work has been rendered with a more powerful engine providing supersampling, high quality shadows, ambient light occlusion and more. The classic routines have been supplemented with new, never before seen material.

The film’s musical score is a complete revision from the background used in the web series. The update features toe-tapping, head-nodding sounds from happening artists, including:

Alfred Darlington
Black Ant
Charif Megarbane
Jason Shaw
Jason Sigal
Javier “Jahzzar” Suarez
Kai Engel
Kevin MacLeod
Malachi Messenger 1
Philipp Weigl

Long line… slow cashier… watchful house security… all complicate our hero’s day…

The Black Larry David ( joins the Dwacon® action adventure sci-fi series, “Galactic Blitz” ( and music video anthology “The Birthday Movie” ( on the Amazon Prime lineup.

Feel free to take a peek at the trailer below (provided by way of the Dwacon® Vimeo feed) — or, you can watch the trailer directly from the Amazon Prime page for the show:

Trailer for “The Black Larry David” on Amazon Prime