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Serial Killers

Genre : Slasher Thriller,True Crime

Producer : Parcast

Hosts : Greg Polcyn & Vanessa Richardson

Episode No. : 43 up until now

When we hear the phrase ' Serial Killer ', what comes first in our mind ?

An intelligent, charismatic person with a clever smile, isn't it ?

Well, it's not the case in real life, however.

" Serial Killers " is a podcast dealing with the real life serial killers, who, contradicting our general notion about them, are with diverse characteristics and far more complexity. Presented by Greg Polcyn & Vanessa Richardson ( who takes up the analysation part ), this show grabbed my attention in a lazy Sunday afternoon like this, and simply couldn't get over it !

It should be noted that it's an EXTREMELY graphic show with violence and gore in every corner. All stories are divided into 2 parts : the first half deals with the childhood trauma and early years of the killer and ends with the commitment of his/her first 'major' crime i.e., murder ( serial killers often have history of other serious crimes ) and the second part describes subsequent murders, arrest and trial.
( There are a few exceptions though, e.g. the stories of Bible John, The Zodiac Killer etc. As these killers were never caught, there's nothing known about their personal lives.In these cases the stories extensively deals with their psychology and motives.)

To me, the second parts of each stories felt somewhat inferior and, less thrilling.

Often, this conversation lack the much wanted spontaneity and feel mechanical. Knowing that they both have scripts of this show in their hands, it looks awkward when they ask each other questions about the featured killer's operations and next steps. Also, after some initial episodes, Vanessa's insight into the psychology of serial Killers becomes a bit repetitive ( frequent mentiones of Ted Bundy, emphasis on 'sexual gratification' etc.)

Prolonged breaks in between story can be irritating to some people. Also, some of their phrases and sentences are directly quoted from Wikipedia, which is, I guess not good when you're trying to convey your own views on these crimes.

Overall, though it has some obvious flaws, I'd give it 7/10 simply because of the killer content. Strongly recommend.

( And friendly advice, listen to it at midnight turning off the lights ! You'll not regret it ! )

[ Link :

https://www.parcast.com/serial/ ]