Gatsby + Apollo + GraphCool + Netlify: The Web’s Promised Land

… and it’s a road sign. *sigh*

My Project’s Goals: Fast and Intuitive

We Need Static Site Generators #becausewordpress

<html><body><div id=“app”></div></body></html>
// minified css // minified js

{ “apollo”: { “data”: { “allVehicles”: [{id: 1 … }, …]}}}
</head> <body> <div id=“app”> <figure>2014 Nissan GTR</figure> </div>

Now How to Make the Damn Thing Work

Gatsby: Create Pages Programmatically

The Gatsby tutorial road felt nice until…

Apollo SSR + Gatsby

// gatsby-ssr.js
gatsby build // error: client not found. Wrap component in Apollo Provider
Even statue Jesus likes a good hack
 fetchPolicy: ‘cache-and-network’
  • Don’t conditionally render on data.loading. When Apollo fetches the new data, it will set the loading flag to true causing your UI to hide the SSR data.
  • If the Apollo query is only useful at runtime, e.g. user specific data, pass the option: `ssr: false` That tells Apollo to skip the query during server side rendering. The component will be in its loading state at runtime.

What Just Happened?

Netlify to the Next Level

It’s a jam… stack. I mean, I get it. It’s not funny… but I get it.
<div data-reactid=”15">
<! — react-text: 16 →0<! — /react-text →<! — react-text: 17 → mi<! — /react-text →
… or just great work from the MDG / Apollo team!

Is This the Promised Land?

Patent / IP Attorney |> Software Developer

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Dennis Walsh

Dennis Walsh

Patent / IP Attorney |> Software Developer

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