React, Facebook, and the Revocable Patent License. Why It’s a Paper 🐯.

Weak Patent Retaliation Clauses

Strong Patent Retaliation Clauses

Facebook’s React Patent License

The license granted hereunder will terminate, automatically and without notice,if you (or any of your subsidiaries, corporate affiliates or agents) initiatedirectly or indirectly, or take a direct financial interest in, any Patent Assertion: (i) against Facebook or any of its subsidiaries or corporateaffiliates, (ii) against any party if such Patent Assertion arises in whole orin part from any software, technology, product or service of Facebook or any ofits subsidiaries or corporate affiliates, or (iii) against any party relatingto the Software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Facebook or any of itssubsidiaries or corporate affiliates files a lawsuit alleging patentinfringement against you in the first instance, and you respond by filing apatent infringement counterclaim in that lawsuit against that party that isunrelated to the Software, the license granted hereunder will not terminateunder section (i) of this paragraph due to such counterclaim.

Why React’s Strong Patent Retaliation Clause is Much Ado About Nothing

The Paper Tiger



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