“Let’s score ourselves hundred for all the good things we have done, the people can go jump in a lagoon for all we care" That is exactly what the speech of Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo meant. It was a vainglorious display of self praise.
In his black native attire and degrees to his name. He stood in front of the camera reading well-woven words off the teleprompter. He did not stutter not even once. He was prepared for it.
"We have done this and you people should be grateful" was the shameless path his dialogue trailed throughout his speech.
I watched in amazement as I saw the reality of the people’s hardship mangled into prosperity and progress.
But this was not the first time men in power have belittled the struggle of the common man after handing over large parchments of our public funds to their young girlfriends; immoral offsprings of the filthy worlds, in the kinds of cars, factories and oil wells.
Yes oil wells.
Still they snap at us when we dare complain
"Shut it, you should be grateful" They have always said and each time we have dumped our grievances and plead on our sored knees for their mercy.
Rebuking this act of glorifying these "servants of the people" should not be a praiseworthy thing.It is one that should just be done without fanfare.
But I understand the reason why we praise those who dare to speak the truth because these servants have concocted themselves in our minds as demigods; insusceptible to criticism or judgement.
At this realization the words of the ignorant one comes to mind.
"When the clouds are full the rain must fall"
Messianic and true in all occasions.
Let it be known that the wind is raging now and the people have become restless. We know it is almost time; The time to fight for the salvation of our country. The soul of our nation. The posterity of our ascendants.
So let them fortify their arks because the rains will upturn their reign. Wash away the sinful "Servants of the People" with the tears of suffering populace.
The fight is nigh, my people. Clean your blades men.
The beginning of the rain is coming, the end of their reign is near.