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The “Bipolar of Love” Crazy Love. (One Man’s Perspective)

The “Bipolar” of Insane Love is a lot more complicated and requires a Boat Load more patience than a typical relationship.

B.I.L. as I would like to Trademark that phrase, is what some would classify as “Crazy Love”.

Yeah, it’s that relationship when a couple is so in love, so in touch with one another that they seem to fit perfectly like a latex glove on a wet hand. (if you ever tried that, you’ll get the analogy). It’s that “Natural Born Killers” kind of inseparable Love that most people envy and at the same time just cannot understand. There is an insane link between the two and they inspire one another to do everything and anything in life for just the experience and thrill alone.

The Upside.

The upside of the relationship is typically the best side. This couple seems to just know one another as much as they know themselves. They just clicked from day one and feel so much more comfortable sharing every last detail of themselves. The romance is storybook, almost cliche’ to the point that you would assume it was taken from a page of a book. Each and every step in their lives is one that they take not only to better themselves for themselves, but for the relationship as well. He and she will think about everything they do to push the other to be the best version of themselves and will love the other with every drop in their soul. Each has never felt more at home as they do when they are together and for once in their lives, they feel completely comfortable in their own naked skin.

When it comes to passion, better close the shades, lock the doors and have the medics on standby. This is the couple that rewrote the playbook on sex. Yeah, every once in a while they like to cuddle, kiss, make love under the stars. But that’s been done for so many years that they’ve come up with wild, new and exciting things to explore with one another. Even those porn stars on that free site you have been watching are blushing. This couple has opened every single door in their secret vault of “Naughty S**T” and to them, it isn’t necessarily bad. Their new found passion and lust for one another, their lust for life has spilled over into their professional lives leading to successes neither one had expected as well. Life is amazing.

The downside.

What goes up, must come down, and typically the same passion that fuels their success and love has the same energy on the down side. If there is a disagreement, if one or both become upset, make sure you still have those medics on standby. S**T may get broken, hurtful words will be thrown around like a fastball thrown by Aroldis Chapman of the Padres. Now, maybe they weren’t meant to be THAT hurtful or angry, maybe he didn’t mean to call her that, maybe she really didn’t mean that “it’s over”. The same fuel that keeps the fire burning in their love life also fuels the rage and anger which in some cases leads to saying or doing things that aren’t well thought out. But, if at least one of the persons in the relationship keeps in mind that this is just how things get between them sometimes, everything eventually will work out. In the meantime, things are going to get emotional and crazy.

Fact is, not ALL COUPLES FIGHT. Some live a mediocre life and are pleasantly content at “missionary” sex every time. Some are happy living their average lifestyle working in an average job doing average things. Some couples are unbalanced with one being passionate about life and living life like they are hopped up on Skittles 24/7 and one is just along for the ride. BUT if two people who are high on life find one another and become one, even the universe takes a seat with a bag of popcorn. “Oh this is gonna get good!”

If you have the luck of finding the one person who makes life that much more thrilling, pushes you to live your dreams and you do the same for them, don’t let them go. It is a rare occurance to find one person in this world who shares the same life and passion views as you. Billions of people walk the earth day in and day out never knowing if they are with their soul mate or if one really exists, so, if you find him or her, keep them.

Go out and live life Sexy

D. Allen is Co-Author of Bedtime Stories His Words Her Desires

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