Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

Loved the article, Special Cloth. Given the War being waged against us, the divisiveness of the black feminist is one element that is not needed nor desired in our Community.

Everything that you have described about them is on point. Their attack on Nate Parker had nothing to do with justice, which had acquitted him decades ago. It was a blind rage fueled by this insane need to bring down a Black Man no matter the cost. With the fuel supplied by white feminist and their masters.

And The Birth of a Nation is not a flop. Number six in the box offices where a Pro-Black movie that does not have a white savior and features strong, competent Black Men is surprisingly well. Despite the reports of box office shenanigans and intentional ticket mishandling, seven million is not bad.

If you want to go by figures alone.

What these ‘ladies’ fail to understand that the fact that a good film about Nat Turner got filmed and made it to theaters is an accomplishment. One that will never be forgotten. And will be built upon.

So the black feminist have failed yet again. I wonder if they would have made even half as much noise if Nate Parker had done a Harriet Tubman movie instead of Nat Turner. You should ask them that one day.