Most People are Safer than They Think

Most people today are safer than they think. Aside from my teenage kids and their friends, more of my conversations are about negative things in the news than I would like. So here is the first in a series of things that have and are moving in the right direction. Things moving in our direction.

Let’s start with travel. Yes, we hear about every plane crash and the big car pileups and those are nothing but tragic. However, there has never been a safer time to travel. Yes, we must continue to make it safer, but we have come a long way. AS you can see in this data from Peter Diamandis, airline travel became much safer during the middle of the 20th century to about 1980 and has continued to be very safe. Automobile travel continues to be safer every year. And it would be safer still if we could just get our teenagers not to drive like we did and slow down.

Originally published at Dwayne Nesmith.