Reasons for Optimism

With the 24-hour news blaring and public discourse indicating the United States is more divided than any time since the Civil War, it is very easy to see the worst in everything. Both sides indicating the other side is not merely uninformed or wrong, they are evil and maliciously attempting to take what is yours. Inaccurate statements are rampant and easily proven facts are labeled false on a daily basis. Some have described the last few decades as “American carnage”.

All citizens of the US have not shared in the economic growth of the last 30 years. Things can and must get better for them. At the same time, the current discourse suggests an inaccurate picture of the current state of things in the US and the world. We all live in a world where the water is cleaner, the air purer, and the vast majority of people or less likely to die a violent death than at anytime since homo erectus began walking the Earth. You read that right, Less than at ANY Other time!

And so let’s begin looking at how our world is better than the one our parents and grandparents entered. Not to convince ourselves to be satisfied, but to convince ourselves that “We can continue to do better”, that our efforts to help others are making an impact, and to avoid repeating the retrenching steps in history that were designed to bring back a day that had long passed and could never be reached again. Let’s march forward together for a better US, which can only be achieved as part of a better world.

Originally published at Dwayne Nesmith.