Making Sense of the Modern Startup

Entrepreneurial Finance was one of my favorite classes during grad school and was the first time I’d seen the framework of People, Opportunity, Context, and Deal. Here is an article on how it all began and why it wasn’t a sure thing.

How Bill Sahlman invented Entrepreneurial Finance — and why it didn’t end his HBS career Re: John McArthur (MBA 1959); Howard Stevenson (MBA 1965)by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank (PMD 51, 1986) Topics: Education-Curriculum and Courses Career-Career Advancement Organizations-Organizational Change and Adaptation Finance-Business Finance Illustration by Martin Leon Barreto In a lot of […]

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I vividly remember Tom Gregory joining us for the case on Ovation, a failure before that was a right of passage. As the class ended, perhaps giving us a glimpse of the current view on failure, he pulled a bag of Smart Food from under the podium and declared, “Startup failure is not the end of the world. I’m now involved with Smart Food, and the company is doing well.” In 1988, they were.

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