Why I Started My Own Marketing Agency

A lot of people ask why are you starting a company: “What made you do it? Why this? How are you going to ‘solve’ this problem?” These people are often after why exactly you care enough to risk the failure.

I have worked in a number of agencies as well as being a client of a few and I was quickly becoming frustrated about the experience on both sides of the table. Yes there are already some awesome agencies out there, but in my experience and speaking with others I have found that they are few and far between.

The scene in the movie ‘The Internship’ about Sal’s Pizza has stuck with me ever since seeing the movie. I love helping people and brands reach there full potential, it’s even greater when they didn’t know how high they could reach.

It is our role as marketers to connect brands with solutions to their problems.

I understand it is a business and the solutions must be profitable for both sides, but you can strain the relationship when the focus is on squeezing as much profit from the other.

I was scared

Even though I had worked as a freelance marketer before with success having clients such as the NHS and Derby City Council, this time around I was scared.

I am no longer single and living in Birmingham, I am married and living in London with a wife going back into full time education, so the results of failure no longer just affected me. I had worked as a full time employee for the past three years and largely enjoyed that time, so why would I take the risk of going against the status quo.

But instead of letting the fear of failure preside and stop me from pursuing what I love doing ‘creating great experiences’ the love of what we do as marketers and the passion to effect change and create great experience pushed me to create Neveu Digital.

Everyone deserves to have a great experience

Experience drive what we do in life, it’s why we go on holidays, why we go to the boutique coffee shop instead of Starbucks and why we invest our time with people and brands that we love, so why should work be any different. If we spend around 30% of our lives at work, we should at least have a job that we enjoy doing and work with people we want to be around.

I want to create a marketing agency where every brand is made to feel valued and value is being created for them. Whether your brand is turning over seven figures or you’ve just started out, if you want to grow — we want to help you.

Internally, I want Neveu Digital to have a very open culture, similar to what Buffer have created. Where employees enjoy coming to work, feel valued and can contribute to the business whether they are a director or a junior exec. After all a happy team creates better work.

The world is based on relationships, and we can create relationships where we ALL WIN.

I am by no means a writer, but I will be documenting this journey and sharing what I learn on the way.

I want to build something that makes a difference not just a profit.