It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

There are two types of people in the world. Those who solve problems and those who don’t. You ran into someone who solves problems. In order to solve a problem it must be defined. That’s not some white vs. black thing, it’s just universal problem solving 101 and it spans all cultures and races. It shouldn’t anger you if someone is genuinely trying to solve a problem using established problem solving methods, especially if it’s a problem you feel strongly about. What you seem to be upset about is that the person didn’t want to let you sit there and vent or spew a bunch of generalizations that aren’t useful in solving a problem.

The challenge for someone who actually wants to fix the problem is that there are always going to be emotional people spouting generalizations that don’t supply any useful information to help define the actual problem. So we can sit there and let all the people shout into the wind forever OR we can move past that and work to identify the problem statement as the first step.

If you choose to shout into the wind that’s fine but nothing will ever happen BUT BE AWARE, the reason nothing will ever happen is NOT because people don’t care, it’s because there’s no way to derive a problem statement or useful action plan from that type of activity. It has nothing to do with race or culture, it has to do with how problems get resolved around the world in every country in every culture and in every race.

From this article it’s hard to tell what you think the problem is. Perhaps what we’re looking for is found in this sentence: “ everything a person of color does is done while knowing they are not part of normative white culture.” If this is the problem then clearly we need to understand what normative white culture is so that culture can be more inclusive. Earlier in the article you give us an idea of what normative white culture is when you say that “ Every single thing white people do and say is done in the context of normative white culture, which they don’t have to think about.” So normative white culture is everything white people do, whether a farmer, a business owner, white trailer trash or a rodeo clown. Just the act of doing anything and being white is normative white culture.

So… I vacuumed my house last night. Was that done within the context “normative white culture?” What would you like me to change about how I vacuum? When you vacuum are you vacuuming outside the bounds of “normative white culture?” How can we come together on this vacuuming issue?

You see how silly this gets. Generalizations like “everything” make it impossible to find the actual issue. Again, while that’s fine if you’re in a venting session, you must recognize that if you’re just venting and using generalizations, that’s all you’re doing. This article is just a venting session and that’s fine. BUT please realize that you’re venting because someone truly wanted to try to help YOU solve a problem that you’re passionate about using basic problem solving techniques which are independent of race and culture. Then, in what is truly remarkable you vented about that person wanting to help and turned universal problem solving techniques into a racial issue.

Have you considered that “everything a person of color does is done while knowing they are not part of normative white culture” is the problem statement, but not in the way you think? The key word is “know.” How do you “know” that what you are doing isn’t part of normative white culture. Let’s be honest… it’s not what you know, it’s what you BELIEVE and THAT is the problem. I can’t change your belief.

I get that you believe race is very important and as a result you see it everywhere. I’ll let you in on a little secret that you already know… most white people in 2016 don’t think about race. When we see a black person we notice a difference in skin color but differentiation is NOT discrimination. Just as if my family is all blonde and I see a red head. I notice, but I don’t discriminate. Do we treat the red heads any different than the blacks? Nope. But … blacks want to “believe” they get treated differently across the board because our society still struggles with some specific race issues. Rather than focus on those specific issues you seem to want to shout into the wind.

Look, there are injustices all over society that should be fixed and there are good decent people who really want to fix them. But you’ve got to be part of the solution my friend. I get that you’re not happy, but exactly how do you want me to vacuum my floor?

P.S. You may want to look up Snopes on that Trump quote about lazy blacks. He never said that.

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