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Great article. You kind of feel sorry for a player like V.O., He’s kind of the 2 position that Patrick Beverly is to the 1. This takes me to places that make a dinosaur because I hate the 3 pointer. Not Vics’ strong suit and certainly an overemphasis by subpar coaching in todays’ NBA. I don’t mean GSW, I mean most of the copycats. It reminds me of the Bruins with Wooden. All forwards were 6 ft 8, 2 guards 6 ft 4 and Centers were 7ft. If you didn’t fit, you were banished to play at Cal State Fullerton or Pepperdine. I digress, back to V.O. He never has shown shot creation as a guard, just excellent leaping ability and a guy that play the passing lanes. Good defender and teammate. In many ways he was the perfect sidekick for Westbrook. Couldn’t really argue about not having the rock because handling is really not his game. A too high pick in a weak draft. Good luck in Hoosierland.