Happy & Productive

Picture yourself working in a cramped, decrepit office where it is hot, you are sweaty and your manager does not care about your work environment and the well being of your happiness at work. Surely, you would not want to continue working for that company, for you would be miserable.In class we have discussed classical approaches in organizational communication and how those theories have influence the general organization and management teams in which we work for today. Do we ever say to ourselves, “my behavior and work ethic is poor, because I am not happy at work?” Many organizations take on the Human Relations and Human Resources style of communication in various ways which help employee feel appreciated and enjoy their field of work.

Nearly every American has had a cup or two of coffee from the non other corporate coffee company, Starbucks. Starbucks Coffee Corporation practices a fine integration of the both approaches mentioned earlier. This employer cares about not only the customers which bring in revenue, but also appreciates their employees. Starbucks Coffee has a great cultivation of benefits and other ways to motivate their employees to uphold the mission and values of the company. For example, after remaining employed with the company after 10 consecutive years, the company will consider their partners as a “life-time partner”, allowing those individuals to get free marked out coffee for the rest of their life. Part-time employees actively working a minimum of 20 hours per week are entitled to full medical, dental and vision benefits. What is more meaningful than the few things just mentioned, is that Starbucks does not refer to their employees as workers, but rather as “partners” which signifies that together, they are a team bringing quality beverages and making differences in people’s lives.

Take a look at the link below to get a feel of both approaches taken by this company.