What it means to live

First blog post, if you cant handle multiple segways,conjuctions,sidebars and simply put… a bunch of jumbled shit packed into an inspirational mind blowing experience…keep reading anyways.

Sometimes you just get proud of people and stories that arent even real, this is one of those moments.

A lot of us are unable to truly move past trials and tribulations that come at us head on in life. I came across a comedian, Drew Lynch not long ago. For those of you that aren't up to date on your comedians click, HERE to get the long form on Drew Lynch. Suffering an injury when he was 19 and not knowing he had a concussion, he woke up with an extreme stutter. Unable to cope with the massive life change he began writing his frustrations on napkins. Turning his frustrations into jokes and memorializing how comedy really comes from a dark place. He also admits that his past self wouldn't hang out with the person he is today, and hes embarrassed on how he used to be and how he would treat others. Inspiration comes from many avenues and many of them are not positive.

What truly inspires you? How much can you admit that you take for granted each day? These basic questions are keys to what it means to really be happy. Most of us aren't even aware of what happiness is anymore. The most untainted happiness is watching your kids go through their day. the excitement of simply learning new things every single day and really taking in the moment. Modern America does not set us up for happiness. People will ask kids everyday “what do you want to be when you grow up?” They all will say what job they would like to have. But that’s not even teaching them the correct answer nor are we even asking the right questions. We shouldn’t want our generations to BE an occupation. We should teach our children how to be happy and how to set proper expectations that modern society does not set for them. I feel like a lot of parents fail their children without even knowing that they have, think.about.that.

If you learned anything from Peter Pan…

When you eventually have a child, you realize that you really did forget what it was like to be a kid. You thought you knew, but as time does to everything, it got hazy. We care too much about things that don't mean enough.

{Side bar, theres actually a correlation with learning and how it changes the perception of how long life seems. When we were kids the days seemed long and time seemed to go on forever VS now how the days seem like they fly by because we simply stopped learning and started being in such a hurry all the time. Focus, and really take in the details each day. Because perception is truly your reality.}

Random thoughts, lessons learned, today does not dictate tomorrow


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