21st Year in a Nutshell

My 21st year all started in St. Louis. It was filled with interesting people, good food and untold stories. You see that arch over there on the left? Well…

…this is what it looks like on top of it. You see that baseball stadium on the left? Well…

…that’s where I went to my first baseball game.

Then I flew back to Atlanta for a surprise hotel party and a secret bucket list challenge that led to some more untold stories. (Meet my tiger Milli)

Was honored to speak on a panel of speakers on bettering the community through entrepreneurship.

Took a trip over to Los Angeles with my brother to explore the city and network in the music industry. Then I took a bus to…

…San Diego to visit the infamous San Diego Zoo. Then I took another bus to…

…Phoenix, Arizona where it was surprisingly fun for college students! Next day I took a bus to….

…Sedona, Arizona. You see those mountains over there? Well…

…I got a chance to go off road and explore them a bit. That wasn’t exciting enough so I…

…went hot air ballooning! It was surprisingly peaceful. I wanted excitement, so I…

…sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Now that was an adrenaline rush!

I hit the road again and stopped at the historic Route 66.

I ended my West Coast adventure in Vegas. What happens there, stays there.

Came back to Atlanta rejuvenated and ready to work on a business with my closest friends called Sparketh, online extracurricular activities for kids and teens.

Took a quick trip to Savannah, Georgia where I went on a ghost tour of the spooky city. Oh yeah, you see that river? Well…

…me and my friend sat on the edge, took this picture and then a cop came up to us and said it was illegal to sit on the edge. He told us to follow him to the car, but I explained to him that I’m 21 and that I sit on the edge of “stuff like the Grand Canyon.” So, he let us go.

Before I headed home we went to a wildlife center and walked across this long board walk across a marsh.

Got oddly sick out of nowhere. Showed me a new perspective on life, and appreciating every…little…moment.

Launched Sparketh at the largest Homeschool Expo in the Southeast! Look at the team putting in work!

Me and my business Co-Founder’s commitment was tested when we got a pretty irresistible job offer in Miami. We went there for 2 weeks and took the job!…Just kidding…we realized that our true passion lies in Sparketh. So, we came back to Atlanta, worked on Sparketh 10x harder and….

I was honored to receive the award “2015 Start Up To Watch” from Metro Atlanta Chamber at the Business Person of the Year Awards for our business Sparketh.

I saved a cat :)

Worked on Sparketh some more…

I went to Helen, Georgia with some friends and rode the longest dual zip line!

Networked with the CEO of California Pizza Kitchen. I fooled him with a magic trick.

Networked some more with Trinidad James, Verse Simmonds and Rock City.

We sent Sparketh students Christmas presents!

New year at the peach drop!

Networked some more with the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange.

Worked on Sparketh in North Carolina with my partners.

Went to Mardi Gras!

Worked on Sparketh some more.

Went to a Grammy Networking Party!

Played in Orlando.

…and saw some weird stuff!

Worked some more on Sparketh. I draw pictures for every new customer!

Then, I went to a beach party on Tybee Island.

That’s my 21st year in a nutshell. It was filled with adventure, self discovery and following my passion. I smile looking back, and I can’t help but smile looking forward.