SUMO Party 2015 in Taiwan

SUMO Party 2015 in Taiwan @ Mozilla Community Space Taipei

What is SUMO?

Short for, SUMO is the name of the Mozilla community powered support project.

Why SUMO Party?

We make SUMO fun, and make everyone enjoy the SUMO sprint like a party time!! MozTW community held SUMO parties since 2010. We really want to inspire more people to enjoy the participation with SUMO and Mozilla projects, therefore we planed SUMO Party 2015. If you’re interested in previous SUMO parties, feel free to read this, this and this. :-)

What had you done in SUMO Party 2015?

  • 19 applications, 20 attendees (over 100% :D), 8 of attendees (40%) are new to SUMO. Planned target: 40 attendees. Actual: 20 attendees.
  • Totally translated and reviewed 33 articles by 18 translators and 2 reviewers within 4 hours. (15:00–20:00, 5 hours — 1 hour for dinner.) Planned target: 20 articles. Actual: 33 articles.
  • Speed: 8.25 articles per hour.
  • There are total 67 editing times in zh-TW locale on Dec 19, 2015. [source]

What did you do in SUMO Party 2015?

We design a board game named “The Adventures in SUMO Kingdom” for SUMO party 2015.


  • 11:30–13:30 Preparation (Organization Team)
  • 13:30–14:30 Sign-in & Opening
  • 14:30–15:00 SUMO Introduction, explain SUMO Adventures Map Rules
  • 15:00–17:30 SUMO Adventures #1: why SUMO, basic training, basic practice
  • 17:30–18:30 Dinner & Mozilla Videos
  • 18:30–19:50 SUMO Adventures #2: advanced level
  • 19:50–20:10 SUMO Adventures #3: Final Sprint (can not occupy new field on the map)
  • 20:10–20:30 SUMO Adventures #4: work with reviewers & Awards & Wrap-up
Bob Chao is introducing the `SUMO Kingdom Map` to attendees.

`The Adventures in SUMO Kingdom`

  • (Concept) Reference Map Image:
  • Beginning: We opened the green-area for the first session in the beginning. We listed some basic level SUMO articles for attendees to practice the SUMO system workflow. Attendees had to pass SUMO review, and got a pass for next level (areas in gray and white color) in SUMO Kingdom.
  • We formed 3 teams with different colors in the beginning of party. Each team occupied one team table and discussed their strategies about their starting point on the map, what’s their next move on the map, etc.
  • We also put some gray `events` in the map (inspired by Monopoly). We will talk more about these events later soon.
A screenshot of `SUMO Kingdom Map` during the party time.
  • The map is bulilt by Thimble (webmaker tool).
  • Scoring: We do the scoring based on three indexes:

- (1) article wordings (we will find a plugin or tool to measure it).

- (2) traffic (how many people read/need the article), based on this ranking page , we will score 5 for rank 1–5, score 4 for rank 6–10, score 3 for rank 11–20, score 3 for rank 21–30, score 1 for rank 31–50.

- (3) updated article V.S new translation article: we will score x1.5 for all new translated articles.

Score board of three teams.
The dashboard displays status of each SUMO articles mapping to the Map.
  • Score board: we awarded attendees who have higher score :-)
  • 2 reviewers attended this event so that attendees can discuss with reviewers face-to-face.

The `Gray` Events

`Gray` events make everyone high!

Just like Monopoly. We designed `gray` events (cells) on the map which made lots of fun to all attendees. This idea makes SUMO Party a real party!!

Map Is Built By Thimble

Map Is Built By Thimble (WebMaker).

We can change the color of each cell on the map by editing HTML/CSS on Thimble (a WebMaker tool).

How did you plan SUMO Party?

the hackpad page of SUMO Party 2015 (in Chinese)

Starting Point

Vesper (Michał) was asking around all SUMO contributors about if we were willing to hold some events related to SUMO in 2015. We (the organization team of MozTW) started the planning since September in 2015 and had first online discussion meeting on October 3, 2015. We took notes on this hackpad (in Chinese) during the meeting/call. (You can refer to the English version of our planning here.) Basically, we made everything open.

After couple online meetings/calls, we converged all the ideas, drafted a basic agenda, and took ownerships of each working items.

Mozilla Reps Workflow

We opened the SUMO Party 2015 event page on ReMo website, and applied for ReMo budget. At the mean time, we translated the meeting minutes on hackpad to ReMo etherpad so that SUMO team (vesper) and budget reviewers can understand the whole SUMO party ideas.

Keep Everything Open

The SUMO party organization team members are very open to each discussed/mentioned topics includes the `event venue`. Venue is always related to how many attendees we planned to have, and then will be related to the budget and some others.

In the beginning, we were thinking about 40 or more attendees to enjoy the party and plan to play a movie (related to Mozilla and/or open source) during the lunch/dinner time. It turns out that we may not be able to afford it. We changed our mind to review all the resources we had at that moment, and decided to have this SUMO party at Mozilla Community Space Taipei.

the etherpad page of SUMO Party 2015 (in English)


  • We had remote/online meetings.
  • We took notes/meeting minutes on hackpad in local languages during the meeting (so that made everyone on the same page, and all the others who also care about this event planning can read/edit/contribute on the open hackpad page.)
  • We translated the meeting minutes to etherpad after our calls (so that we create good communication with SUMO team, ReMo team, and all the mozillians.)
  • We identified the goals/wishes of each team members in the first call (so that we can narrow down our discussion and brainstorming.)
  • We took our ownership on all the identified working items (so that we don’t have any missing ball.)

Heading to the future!

We loves Mozilla and Mozilla projects. If you’re interested in any kind of contribution to Mozilla, please feel free to take a look at:

If you’re in Taiwan or even plan to pass by, welcome to visit Mozilla Community Space Taipei at: (You can find a calendar on this page to see if the space is open or not. You’re also welcome to plan an open event at this space!)

More contribution details of MozTW community, please visit at: (in Chinese only.)

Join us, so that we can build a better internet together. ❤

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