How to add structure to emails using Dwebox

Jun 25 · 2 min read

Give your emails a structure and make them easy to read. Chances are you already know what you are looking for when using your email provider, so why not making it easy for your eye to filter the content for you?

Expecting an important email from your manager? Why not have it highlighted?

Is your company targeted with email phishing or other forms of attacks? Let your employees know which emails are not coming from your company.

Do you work in customer service and need to offer premium support to certain customers? So why not have their email highlighted, you know… , for faster support reasons?

Dwebox is that tool everyone uses because it makes everyone’s life a little bit better. Divide your emails into multiple groups based on your needs. We include multi-device synchronization for multi-environment (home & work) so it fits everyone.


  1. Add emails you want to be highlighted to a group. These can be specific customers you want to take care of, your manager, your boss, your family members or anyone for management reasons.

2. Let the extension do its job when you use Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

Still not convinced? Try for free on our website and level up your email now.

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