How to get better at emails with Dwebox

Jun 25 · 1 min read

Emails taking over your life? It’s because you don’t manage them well enough.

When you use Dwebox Chrome Extension you can start your day more efficiently because you can read the most important emails first. Imagine if the most important stuff would be highlighted such that you consume your most important energy there.

Dwebox on Gmail

We start our days in the morning with a high level of energy (assuming good sleep) and lose it across the day. We get some energy boosts during the day from different snacks however let’s be honest, nobody is as good at night as they were during the morning. Chances are you are already tired and you leave the tasks for the next day.

Dwebox is a life power-up which allows you to adjust your day-to-day behaviour when it comes to emails. Whether you are an executive in a company of FTSE 100 or a simple person that receives emails very often, Dwebox can be a life-changer.

When you read the most important emails first, you will automatically become more efficient at your task because you use the good energy for what matters most. Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook all supported.


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