An Introduction to the Science of Electroculture

  • Plants
  • Microbes
  • Soils
  • And more too…

The Electrical Nature of Plants

Trees and Plants are Naturally Electrical

Physiological Effects of Electricity on Plants

Since plants are strongly affected by electrochemical reactions occurring at the cellular level, what would happen if electric fields were directly applied to plants or their nearby surroundings? What effect would they have?

  • Actions Potentials
  • Chemical messaging

Electroculture’s Effects on Soils & Plants

  • Changes in growth behavior due to synthesis of growth hormones
  • Increased nutrient uptake & assimilation
  • Increased metabolism & respiration
  • Genetic and hormonal activations, etc.
  • And more…
  • Bacteria possesses different electrical charges
  • Bacteria can be manipulated by electric fields
  • Electric fields increase bacterial metabolic activity
  • Electric fields accelerate the bacterial reproduction rates


We hope that you learned a little about how the growth of plants can be improved when placed under the influence of electric fields. It’s amazing that only minute amounts of electrical current are needed to bring about substantial changes in both the ecosystems of the soil and the physiology of plants. In future posts you can expect us to go into more detail on each of these topics.



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David Wechsler

David Wechsler

Founder & author at; Ag-Tech and systems engineering with interests in electroculture, permaculture, energy medicine & more.