Thunderstorms: Nature’s Crop-Enhancement Technology

Electric Agriculture is a Normal Part of Nature

Now that we know that electrically-based particles and forces are present within all of life, is it too far-fetched to consider that electrical forces are not only intrinsic to life, but are necessary to thrive?

Atmospheric Electricity

Flashes, booms and brilliant light shows were the earliest evidence that electricity is a naturally powerful force, intrinsically available to humanity. From the legend of Benjamin Franklin and his 1752 kite-flying experiment), this discovery of the presence and subsequent capture of atmospheric electricity set the stage for centuries’ worth of scientific exploration, discovery and engineering.

Photo by David Moum on Unsplash
Global Electrical Circuit (source: Scientific American)

Lightning Storms

Now that we know that living systems require a standard amount of electricity in order to live, let’s see how plants respond when they’re subjected to additional amounts of electricity.

Electric Fields and Plant Life

Since we now understand that the air around us is naturally charged, we can form a hypothesis that states that plants (and perhaps all surface life as well) require exposure to electric fields in order to grow properly. This idea has been tested a number of times throughout history.


Now that we understand the basic idea that electrical energies are present all around us (and inside us too!), and furthermore have a favorable effect on the promotion of life, it follows suit that as engineers and scientists, we can take this science to the next level by making it practical.



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David Wechsler

David Wechsler

Founder & author at; Ag-Tech and systems engineering with interests in electroculture, permaculture, energy medicine & more.