The corollary to this is a question I ask often: is there progress?
maryann simmons

Thanks, Maryann. It’s a question we all need to ask.

I’d personally give a somewhat more hopeful answer: step by step — or more like step, waaaaaait, step — we do seem to be widening the circle of to whom we accord dignity and liberty.

I also want to note that your comments about religious dogma seem to me to apply to some religions and not to others, and to some subgroups within those religions, but not to religion overall. For example, Theodore Parker very much disagreed that man is out of the picture. He is part of a line of Christian social activists who have been hugely important in advancing peace and justice in the world. And as a Jew I found your picture of religious dogma to be foreign; we believe that God placed humans here to mend a broken world. (I’m generalizing about my religion, but it is a pretty central belief.) So, I’m suggesting that your phrase “religious dogma” perhaps paints with too broad a brush.

But that’s how it seems to me. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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