Some of my favorite CLI tools

I don’t know how I would live without the following tools:

  • direnv — binding environment variables based on current working directory.
  • fzf — for quickly searching command line history and paths. I use the history keybinding ctrl-R to quickly find a previous command that I ran. fzf is really fast!
  • (zsh) vi-mode — ever since I made the decision to use vim over emacs (mainly due to hand injury from emacs) I have found myself most effective using vi keybindings everywhere. To enable this feature, on zsh you just do `bindkey -v`or you can use inputrc customization.
  • tmux— I love having a portable work environment. So I love being able to use tmux as my window manager for terminal sessions and having as good an experience via SSH as my normal environment.
  • jq — makes working with JSON possible on the command line. It’s very fast.
  • jo— JSON output from a shell. Great companion to jq.

I hope you found something new.

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