What are Programming Languages For?

Not great for dynamic web apps
Qalb is a language designed by Ramsey Nasser
  • Babylscript is an implementation of JavaScript that allows for keywords in languages other than English. It supports 12 different written languages, but it hasn’t been updated since 2016.
  • قلب (Qalb) is a Scheme-like programming language designed for Arabic-readers. It reads right-to-left and uses Arabic keywords. Like Arabic script, it has variable line length.
  • Bato is a well-maintained translation of Ruby into Tagalog. One of the goals of projects like this is to make programming accessible to students who have grown up speaking languages other than English.
a Piet progam for printing the first 100 Fibonacci numbers
  • Piet is an “esoteric” programming language where the steps and transitions between 20 colors in neighboring positions determine the code.



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