Free Education?

Education is very important in today’s world. Education will help you get a better job and essentially, live a better life. In today's world, countries are constantly competing against each other. We want to be the most educated and advanced country in the world today. Making education free would be a boost in the arm for the U.S. Many college student finish school in debt. It is totally unfair to put college students through 4 years stress and hell, only to reward them with debt and there’s no guarantee that student will be able to find a job right away. I’ve seen colleges make students pay hundreds of dollars on book that they barely have to use. It should be a crime how they get students to pay for thing that isn’t even needed. In today’s world, a college degree is essential in finding a well paying job. Going to college is normal in today’s world. It’s that understandable that a couple decades ago, college is only for certain people. Times have changed and you need a college degree to be successful. Not many people can survive getting payed minimum wage. Although there are a few examples of non-college graduates making it big, most people that don’t have a college degree find themselves making minimum wage with back breaking work. Education is essential in today’s world and it needs to be free for everyone.

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