Should We Ban the 2nd Amendment?

Is the right to bear arm actually harming society? Should the average American Citizen be allowed to own a gun? Should an average Joe be allowed to carry around a gun legally? There are so many questions surrounding guns. I personally believe we should keep the 2nd amendment. Guns are weapons, but so are knives. There’s never questions surrounding the banning of knives. Anything can be used as a weapon, might as well ban those objects too. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Banning guns aren’t going to solve anything. Taking guns away from the “good” people isn’t going solve the problem of “bad” people having guns. Criminals are going to find a way to get their hand on guns. They find ways to get their hand on illegal drugs all the time. They’re gonna find a way to get their hands on guns someway. Trying to ban guns is going to fail like how prohibition failed. The only way to stop a “bad” guy with a gun, is a “good” guy with a gun.

There have been multiple examples of how “good” guy with guns have saved countless lives by stopping the “bad” guy before they can take innocent lives. I actually just watch something about how a mother killed an intruder as he busted through their door, saving herself and her 3 month old baby. It’s not a coincidence that countries that allow their citizens to bear arms have a lower crime rate than those who don’t. There is a direct correlation. However, we never hear about these stats because the media only tells half the story.

The media plays big part in how we view guns. Most of the time, the news is reporting a negative use of guns instead of a positive use of guns. I believe guns play an important role in lowering crime rates and making society safer. We can however make it even safer by keeping guns out of “bad” guys hands. Deeper background checks should be exercised. Limiting the amount of rounds in each magazine should also be enforced. Limiting the rounds per a magazine will decrease the chances of a mass shooting.

There are pros and cons to allowing the public to access guns. In my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Thus, we shouldn’t ban guns. Instead of banning guns all together, we should look towards alternative ways to limit the amount of deaths caused by guns.