There are days when I do not have it. There are days when I do not feel like enough. There are days when I want to be somewhere light cannot reach. There are days I question my purpose and my role as a man, a father, a human. There are days when I would rather not try to get out of bed, or rather that I had not woken up at all. On those days, I am still expected to show up, be alert, perform, be. There are days I do not have it to give, but the expectation is I will give, MUST give, because that is my role. On those days I want to lean into something, or someone. But, the work and path of a vulnerable man is a hard one. While Kid Cudi’s recent Facebook letter, where he puts on display his own bouts with depression, is a sign of the evolution of masculine emotion. it is still greatly frowned upon for men to display signs of perceived weakness and fragility. It is this very notion that keeps us bound to desks, and things. There have been times I have needed to cry somewhere, with nowhere to cry but a bathroom stall. It is then that I am forced to hold on to that ball of emotion, of anxiety and frustration and fear until I can I find a safe place to release it. Some of us, both men and women alike, have yet to learn these coping skills, or have no true way of accessing them. So, we lash out at the things and persons closest to us. The violence starts inside, first. Always.
Every Company Should Offer Mental Health Days
Joel Leon.

Spot on. Poignantly expressed.

The organization I work with has something call the Workplace Initiative. It’s primary focus is drug and alcohol addiction. When I visit the employers we work with and speak to employees who benefit from the culture change we manifest, they all tell me that the biggest relief was not for the addiction issues, but for the underlying depression that drove the addiction.

Thanks for your essay.