Every time you hire an attorney, you should ask them a few questions to ensure that you will be a good fit for each other. Your attorney will interview you, but you should also interview your attorney. That’s what I wanted to address in this video. Call a Dallas DWI Attorney (469) 718–2020. Questions To […]

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Is probation violation a Felony? How much jail time will I serve for probation violation? We get these kind of questions a lot and I just wanted to make a quick video addressing the violation of probation in Texas. Contact a Dallas DWI Lawyer today (469) 718–2020. First Probation Violation? A probation violation can potentially […]


http://www.dwiattorneydallas.net/questions (469) 718–2020 WHAT QUESTIONS SHOULD I ASK MY DWI ATTORNEY IN TEXAS

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https://www.dwiattorneydallas.net/what-happens-violate-probation HOW LONG IS JAIL TIME FOR PROBATION VIOLATION? Call (469) 718–2020 for a free consultation, or visit http://donotblowdallas.com

original posted from https://youtu.be/5GoMzTuCg_E

Manslaughter is a serious offense that can have lasting consequences on your criminal record life. Daniel Gordon is a DWI Attorney in the DFW Area. (469) 718–2020. Video Summary: Intoxicated manslaughter is the crime of causing death to another person as a result of an accident caused by illegal operation of a vehicle. Penalties for […]


Your first appearance in a Texas criminal court can be quite daunting, especially if it is for a serious offense like Driving While Intoxicated. Daniel Gordon is a criminal attorney in Dallas focusing on DWI defense. Free consultation (469) 718–2020. Video Summary: The DWI / DUI Court Appearance Your first court appearance could be […]


http://www.dwiattorneydallas.net/dui-court-process (469) 718–2020 Dallas DWI Attorney Daniel Gordon explains how it all goes down when you make your first appearance in a Texas DWI proceeding. How much does a 1st offense DWI cost? http://dwilawyerdallaz.yolasite.com/ Can you refuse the breathalyzer test in Texas? http://dwilawyerdallaz.beep.com/ How to find a DWI Attorney in Forth Worth, Tx: https://dwilawyerdallaz.jimdo.com/

original posted from https://youtu.be/dm7T5zhOIMc

Learn the truth here https://goo.gl/hCXejh Call the Dallas DWI Attorney (469) 718–2020 This video tells you exactly why most criminal defense lawyers will advise you to REFUSE ALL TESTS when you get pulled over by the police. For info, you can find me online at… http://duilawyerdallas.simplesite.com/ See also…http://dwilawyerdallaz.yolasite.com/

original posted from https://youtu.be/4Iga91vsMAE

What are the Standard Field Sobriety Tests in Dallas Texas? Why do criminal attorneys tell you to refuse all Field Sobriety Tests? Just wanted to discuss that in this video… Call (469) 718–2020 to speak to a DWI attorney in the DFW area. Video Summary: I’m Daniel Gordon, DWI Attorney serving the DFW area. What […]


Dallas DWI Lawyer

(469) 718–2020 | We help clients in Dallas & Fort Worth area who have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) https://www.dwiattorneydallas.net/

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