corey d. seaton

Thank you for your story Corey. I am glad you did not quit. I wish I knew better how to help set this right. Back in 1999 I was at a trade show in Las Vegas. We had gone out to a crazy bar there in Vegas and were having a good time. I met and was dancing with two lovely black girls (I am a white guy). I went to order us drinks. The bar tender slid one of the drinks across the bar and it spilled on my sleeve. I said “can you give me another, that one spilled”. He said, “no. As long as you are with them I not going to serve you”. One the girls was standing right behind me and heard this. I was really, really angry. I was ready to fight the bar tender and the bouncers (which all came quickly). The girl said to me “please don’t. It is not worth it. They will never change.” I could not believe it. I was really angry and could not accept that situation, not now, in 1999. Then it occurred to me that these girls get that everyday. I had never seen blatant racism that close. It was shocking and eye opening. Those girls knew better. I had no idea. After that I had to take a hard look at my “white privilege” for what it is. No question it exists. I am trying to come to grips with it but am not sure exactly how to do that.