I just want to say for my friends in the UK and around the world – we can’t just sit back and watch…
Sarah Lloyd

The UK brexit decision, pushed by the Tories beyond necessity, is wholly based on anti-immigrant sympathy, and happened before Trump.

The root reason for both is over-reaching by progressives (like myself) to the extent that we want to allow ourselves to live anywhere in the world freely, as permanent residents and citizens, not just as visitors. Lemme be a snowbird!

Humanism’s single credo is responsibility, and on this super-crowded planet we must take responsibility for our homelands and not expect to shove off to greener fields if we tire of home.

No, stand and deliver at home, and visit where you wish. But you can’t pitch a tent in your neighbour’s back yard, and they are not racists for resenting it if you do. We’re all part of the problem if we maintain that illusion.

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