Disruption by design
Todd Olson

Todd Olson and David Siegel You do have a point David, design is not always the spark often claimed for it, as Todd acknowledges with his Benz/Ford timeline. And that is the everyday ongoing reality too.

I’ll contrast the two characterizations by comparing my recent design for a ‘video assistant’ https://goo.gl/FKVpdL and my Volvo boat engine, which is always trying to get off work early. In the case of the Poort enclosure, it rejects the transparent walled garden conceit of the Amazon and Google Home trojans for what they are, to repurpose an old warhorse like the original iPad in their stead. And it does that conclusively, IMHO.

Whereas, I must constantly maintain my diesel engine, as all diesels seek to leak oil, fuel, coolant and air into whichever vesicle is most inaccessible and immiscible host. Over time, the engine will quit without my iterative and strategic cleanups and renewals —it’s a Rube Goldie that works but whines and wheezes a lot. Nonetheless I pine for the extended weekends aboard that it affords me, and it is a surly mistress I would not exchange for — OK, a younger one.

The Volvo stays, high maintenance as it is, and the Poort — I’ll swap out the iPad on Craigslist if it doesn’t behave. But as long as they ken toward my interests, I can tolerate their supposed obsolescence and throw in a little love with it. Even if they weren’t some brillig invented yesterday. the whole package works as a package, and the package ID saves it.

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