Is it all about writing?

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Illustration by @adamnoormn

Despite the job title that mentions ‘writing’ in it, some people may still question what user experience (UX) writing is really about. Is it just about writing for an app? If not, then what?

While the rest of this article may or may not be a dealbreaker for aspiring UX Writers out there, let us first be clear about what to expect once you get this job; writing is only part of the job, and there’s definitely more in it than just
about writing.

The good news is, UX writing isn’t rocket science. Every skill you need to acquire can be all self-taught. With reading, consistent practice, and some experiments, anyone can make their professional entrance as a UX Writer. …

Yang selanjutnya mesti gue pikirin setelah membuat keputusan.

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Sumber gambar:

Dalam permainan bola basket ada sebuah istilah bernama triple threat. Ialah sebuah posisi saat seorang pebasket nerima bola yang memungkinkannya buat ngelakuin salah satu dari tiga jenis gerakan; nembak, dribble atau ngoper bolanya lagi.

Posisi ini bisa dibilang cukup fundamental sekaligus vital buat dikuasin seorang pebasket. Selain bisa ngasih opsi buat nyerang lawan, posisi ini juga jadi modal buat bisa pertahanin bola di tangan, biar gak gampang direbut lawan.

Tapi, meskipun udah nguasain banget posisi ini, gak ada jaminan kalau gerakan yang selanjutnya dipilih bakalan mulus. Ngoper bola bisa direbut. Lanjut dribble ke dalem, bisa lepas bolanya. …

And what UX Writing can do about it.

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Illustration by @adamnoormn, check him out on Instagram!

Generally, nobody likes experiencing errors in everything. But as we are all getting more attached to digital products such as apps and websites, errors are almost inevitable.

Be it a system crash, losing internet connection or wrong inputs, each of those miscarriages can simply lead us to the ‘bitter’ part of the user journey; the errors.

But since apps and websites are best known for their interactive features we called user interface (UI), it enables the product developers to create a frontier to send users a message in times of unexpected outcomes, which we know as the ‘error message’.

The problem is, not every error message is designed ‘for human’. Quite often, they are made too technical and/or too confusing to understand. Let me give you an example. …

Stop arguing. Let’s settle the debate with data.

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This article was written in part of my UX writing exercise and by no means to discrediting any works of team. Please enjoy!

User experience (UX) copywriting excites me! As I learn more about it for a few months (and still counting), I’ve come to know one thing that changes the way I see the creative process; that is validation.

For many out there, validation probably isn’t a fun part. It takes more time, more people, and more effort to do. …

Causes and solutions for unproductive writers

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I think it’s safe to say that anyone would do what is enjoyed the most for a living. And as for myself, I chose writing as my career.

But someone wrote something that got me thinking the other day:

“When you choose to make a career out of things you truly enjoy, you’ve basically taken the joy out of it,”

Something along that line.

I’ve been calling myself a writer for almost 2 years since I began my first job. But frankly speaking, I haven’t been a very productive writer beyond my professional layer.

I barely publish anything on my Medium, my Twitter is full of retweets, and my personal blog is a place full of the spider webs. …

Personal notes on my early days as a copywriter

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Having to transition from journalism to copywriting was neither hard nor easy. If once you’ve experienced to be in this same position, chances are, either you’re tired of spending time on the road and wanting to find a more office-like job, or that you simply want to explore a whole new different world of professional writing.

But are the two of them really different from each other? My answer is ‘yes’.

Although they are serving the same purpose, which is to tell stories, I realized that each of the creative processes has some major differences to deal with in practice. …

Ada hal lebih besar yang bisa disalahkan oleh para muda-mudi bergaji pas-pasan.

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Pembicaraan di media sosial selalu didominasi oleh tren. Siapapun yang sudah terlanjur hanyut di dalam kuat arusnya, pilihannya hanya dua; berusaha untuk tetap dianggap relevan atau kehilangan relevansinya sama sekali.

Usaha untuk menggapai pilihan yang pertama pun tak selalu berjalan elok. Pergantian tren yang cenderung tak bisa dikontrol tak jarang — disadari atau tidak — memaksa seseorang untuk terus mengubah dirinya agar bisa ‘diterima’ dan tetap menjadi bagian dari konteks sosial yang sedang dihadapinya, meski mungkin sebenarnya tidak perlu.

Belum lama ini

3 totalitarian ways of a Scorpio to rise from a deteriorating life.

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Image: wikimedia commons

Scorpios are mythically known to be focused, ambitious, and pretty much intuitive. But as much as how determined they might seem, just like any other zodiac types, they always carry along some negative traits inside the bag. Scorpios are jealous, secretive, and — for the worst part — resentful.

Speaking as one of them myself, I gotta admit that those things are somehow accurate. Putting all my academics rationality aside, I think Scorpios are just bound to be just like that. If we want to get something, we’ll get that whatever the cost may be. …

Just in case you asked.

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Jakarta Skyscrapers. Photo by: Iqbal Dwiharianto

Ever since I left my job a couple weeks ago, I’ve been trying to structure every idea that comes to mind so I can write them down into a post-apocalyptic kind of story eventually. If you know what I mean. Lol.

But as much as I imagine how dramatic the portrayal would be, I can’t even try to start doing it.

It’s not that I don’t know how to. I could’ve just written a long and detailed story about factors that led me to make that decision. …


Iqbal Dwiharianto

UX Writer at Gojek

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